Next Ram Sale - 27th September

How to buy online.

Welcome to our buyer's guide. We know that new technology and systems can be a bit tricky, so we have pulled together the below guide to help you get you up to speed quickly. 

The below guide is a top-level step by step process on how to purchase on our site whether it is an online auction or a direct sale. 

Please note that this is guides purpose is to provide a quick overview of the process and is not an in-depth/detailed guide so if you have any specific questions or problems, please reach out to a member of our team.

Important note If you are using internet explorer.

We are using modern website creation tools, so browsers like Internet Explorer will not work or look as intended. If you are using Internet Explorer or are experiencing issues with the website, please switch to a modern internet browser. We recommend: Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. 

Registration & Login

This year pre-registration is needed in order to make a purchase or participate in a online auction. However the registration process and login process is fast and easy. 

Simply press the login | register button on the right-hand side of the top-level navigation. 

If you have a account or participated in last years sale enter your email address and password to sign in. 

If you have forgotten your password then reset your password via the Lost your password? link.  

If you are new to Probreed and our online platform then press the register button, fill out your details and press the register button.. and that's it. 

Sales Catalogue and ram filtering

Following on from last year, we have spent a lot of time refining the filtering system and taking on board your feedback/suggestions.

To get started, visit the Sales Catalogue page and choose a breed category.

Once you have chosen the breed, you will be taken to the breed-specific shop where you can filter rams by sale type, tier, and traits.

If you know the tag number you are looking for, then you can enter that into the search field provided.

This year filter selections are stored in the URL so as long as you don't close the browser or change the URL you can click through to the ram detail page and then press your browsers back button to get back to where you were with the filters applied. 

Please note this is not the case if you use any site navigation (aside from the browsers back button) to return to the ram store page.

Purchasing a sale ram

As you find rams that you like add them to your shopping cart using an add to cart button, found either on the ram overview cards or within the ram details page.

Doing so adds the ram to your shopping cart and temporarily locks it from being added to anyone else shopping cart.

For this reason, when you click the add to cart button, a 60-minute count down timer will begin and is visible at the bottom of your screen.

You will need to complete the purchase and checkout before the time expires or the rams in your cart will be released back into inventory and will be available for purchase by others.

To ensure that the countdown timer doesn't place too much pressure on our customers, we have set it so that the cart timer will extend with each new ram added.

Online Auctions

This year we are launching our online auction system and is heavily based on popular auction platforms such as eBay. We have tried to make the process uncomplicated and quick to grasp, but here is a short step by step guide to help you on your way.

/ Register

Make sure you have preregistered and are signed into the platform.

FInd you ram(S)

Find the ram you want to bid on by visiting the Sales Catalogue.

Filter auction Rams

Choose Auction Rams within the sales-type filtering to display all available auction rams for your chosen breed.

Optional : Filter Rams by Trait

Filter rams by trait to refine your options if required.

View ram and set maximum bid

Click on the ram you want to bid on, and when the auction starts enter your maximum bid and the auction system will auto-bid up to the value you specify. 

You can always increase this bid at any time but please note bids are binding and therefore any amount specified is your commitment to purchase the ram if you win the auction.

View all of your auctions in the account dashboard

If you are bidding on multiple auctions, you can check all of their statuses in your account section under auctions. To access your account page click the account icon in the top-level navigation or CLICK HERE

Fair auction and anti-sniping

To ensure a fair auction, any bid placed within 5 minutes of the end of the auction will automatically extend the auction time for a further 2 minutes to allow any other bidders the chance to up their bid.

Winning an auction

Once the auction ends, the winner will be notified by email, and/or you can see all of your won auctions in your account dashboard. Clicking the add to cart button in the dashboard or clicking through from the link provided in the winning auction email will place the ram into your shopping cart ready for you to checkout. 

Please ensure all auction ram payments are completed within 24 hours else the ram will be relisted or offered to the second-highest bidder.